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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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different story. it can take a couple laps to get your winter legs up and running. a few tumbles and spills and with weather like this you'll also have to avoid puddles of melted ice. >> usually the kids i tell them keep your arms out for balance and do a little penguin, little baby march. >> reporter: the briggs family brought their young niece to the blue cross river rink, open with temperatures in the 60s. >> this is my second time and i'm really getting the hang of it. kind of feels like summer, too. >> reporter: kind of tough to get in the holiday spirit. it does not feel like the day after thanksgiving. >> it's so warm out. i must say it's kind of nice. >> reporter: today also marks the first day of christmas tree sales. at love park a few early birds, but businesses think the big rush is still ahead. >> not this upcoming week but the next is when people start getting in the christmas mood, once thanksgiving is passed, that's when everyone looks to get their trees. >> reporter: back on the ice,
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the river rink hopes to draw black friday shoppers away from all the crowded stores. >> we are the healthy alternative. who wants to be inside in the store? come here, we have free wifi, shop, watch your kids skate, do it all here. >> we thought about it, but decided this would be a better idea. >> reporter: and this time next week you can see the big christmas tree, a tree lighting ceremony friday night. as for tonight, it is starting to get colder and these people look like they are having a great time. some of them even bundling up. live at penn's landing, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> randy, thank you very much. you know if you look to the street, no need to bundle up. some people enjoyed an unseasonably warm walk, especially with the sun out. let's talk to first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. we saw some near record highs in our area today, but we also broke at least one record, right? >> you know the updated high temperatures coming in both allentown and reading hit a record high temperature, both hit 65 degrees today, but now
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look at allentown drop down to 54 degrees, so the temperatures are dropping quickly now the sun has set, but we won't be as cold overnight tonight, mainly in the 40s. 60 for philadelphia, 55 millville and wildwood, so an unseasonably warm day. the average high is 52 degrees. we're going to stay dry tonight with the not as cool temperatures in place, but the clouds are here and they are going to keep increasing as we go overnight tonight. that's going to be all ahead of rain for the weekend, so showers just off to the west, that will be moving in for your saturday and starting mostly from north to south. coming up the timing on it, but in the meantime for tonight, if you had friday night plans or are going out shopping, it is going to stay dry. 59 degrees by 7:00 p.m., still mild outside. 11:00 p.m., mid 50s, not as cold across the area, at least if you're in the philadelphia area, too, and by 8:00 tomorrow morning, cloudy skies, showers mostly north at this point, but then through the afternoon we'll see the showers kind of spreading south through the area. coming up, closer look at the
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timing on the rain for your weekend and a cooler sunday forecast. >> sheena, no doubt about it, shoppers are out in full force this black friday. sky force 10 was above the largest mall in the area this morning. you can see a lot of cars there in the parking lots at the king of prussia mall. they were packed, but not everyone is going to the mall. some people are headed to local shops looking for deals. it's all part of small business weekend. nbc 10's drew smith is live in haddonfield tonight. drew, tough competition out there. what are these small businesses doing to compete with the big box stores? >> reporter: well, keith, they are taking a bit of a different approach than the big retailers offering such deep discounts for years and a lot of stores are trying something different this year, that is bringing out some of the bigger crowds. people are looking for a little bit of a different shopping experience. store owners say it's casual and low pressure here where they can answer customer questions, interact with them, and the downtown businesses are working together to offer incentives
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like discounted gift certificates that can be used anywhere here in the downtown area and we asked one owner why haddonfield had managed to succeed where other areas have struggled with small businesses. here's his answer. >> i think it's a lot of the programming that we do here. we do candlelight shopping, which is on the weekend, fridays and saturdays. we have horse drawn carriage that comes through, carollers, music. >> reporter: and the weather today did not hurt either. some businesses set up stands out in the street, people were out here having lunch, but the fall-like feel is starting to change quickly. holiday lights are up, they are going to be lighting up a big tree in an hour and a half, also having a parade and welcoming everybody to downtown to continue shopping through the night. live in haddonfield, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> drew, thank you. different scene, though, scenes of frantic predawn black friday shoppers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. crowds were still out trying to score deals today. this is the scene late today, this morning, at the king of
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prussia mall. a steady flow of shoppers, but nothing like the massive lines and swarms of people we've seen in years past, but some black friday warriors were still out in the wee hours of the morning waiting in line. there they are. this is the crowd gathered outside cabela's in delaware before the store opened at 5:00 a.m. shoppers were eager to score deals on shooting, fishing, camping, and boating gear. >> people behind us were the first group in line last year. tried to beat them here this year. >> reporter: this is something you see each other every year now, right? >> pretty much. it's like family. >> reporter: meanwhile, a nearby target store stayed open through the night with a steady stream of shoppers around the clock. before you hit the stores this holiday season, check on nbc 10's holiday gift guide. it has all kinds of deals and ideas, i should say. find it all on and the nbc 10 news app. well, there was a message to boycott black friday in center city today.
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♪ nbc 10 in philadelphia's dill worth park today. the group justice or else is encouraging the african-american community to make its voice heard by not participating in black friday. today's rally comes on the 20th anniversary of the million man march in washington, d.c. and protesters in chicago are choosing black friday to march on the city's most prestigious downtown shopping district. they are speaking out about the shooting death of a black teenager by a white police officer. it's the latest demonstration since tuesday when city officials released dash cam video of the shooting. that video shows the officers shooting the 17 year old 16 times. the officers charged with murder. today's protesters say they want to demonstrate their outrage in a nonviolent way and, quote, interrupt the economic engine of black friday. >> we're all here because of what affects one community affects us all. >> chicago police say the
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support for today's peaceful demonstrations and will be on hand to address traffic and public safety. from our jersey shore bureau, an atlantic county man is dead after a fiery toll booth crash. police say joseph crawford somehow lost control, slamming into the egg harbor plaza toll booth. look at that shot. the car burst into flames. the plaza itself caught fire. no one else was hurt. crawford's family says everything seemed fine when he left for work this morning. >> the police said that they got a report there was a car driving erratically and then by the time they got there he had hit a toll exit, was that it or whatever? toll booth, and i'm trying to figure when he left home, we had a conversation. >> the right-hand lanes of the plaza were closed most of the day. and fire crews rescued a
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young girl off some rocks in philadelphia today. officials say the girl was climbing between the philadelphia museum of art and water works this afternoon when she got stuck and became, well, too scared to come down. firefighters responded to the scene with a ladder truck. an eyewitness described what he saw. >> i'm here with the police officer down here facilitating and telling what to do and that help was on the way, including a fire truck. there was also looked like first responders at the top of the hill here. the girl was hanging, i would say, right below the top of the rocks. >> way up there. a short time later crews brought the girl down safely. we got to talk about this. is philadelphia the saddest pro sports city in america right now? that's what one major newspaper is saying following yesterday's blowout against the lions. the birds aren't the only team that's been struggling. nbc 10's george spencer is live in south philadelphia. george, fans can't be reacting
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well to this. >> reporter: keith, it's not a pleasant thing, but unfortunately some of them agree, admitting they are frustrated. it was usa today that called philadelphia the saddest pro sports team in america. fans said today, it's tough times no matter which of the venues you head to here at the stadium complex. outside the linc today you might think the eagles flag should be at half staff. after all, many fans fear this season is done after yesterday's defeat in detroit marked the third loss in a row. >> it's disappointing because as philadelphia fans, you put so much into the teams. >> reporter: it is a tough time to be a fan of any of philadelphia's major sports teams. >> another heartbreaker for these young kids. >> reporter: the sixers have at the worst, winless at 16 games. in baseball, the phillies are
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trying to rebuild. even the flyers are near the bottom of their conference. all in all, this four-team stadium complex is a tough place right now. >> this is, what, the only state in the country that has these facilities on one corner, right, and no matter which one you go to, you lose. >> kind of sad when temple has more wins than the phillies, flyers, sixers, and eagles. >> reporter: college sports outshining us. >> yes. >> reporter: but among the philly fans who pass these statues of sports legends every game, loyalty remains. >> i think we still have a gift. something's got to happen, something's got to change. >> reporter: with loyalty comes hope. and as these fans find themselves saying more than they'd like, there's always next year. >> i know. i'm going to keep with them. i love the phillies. i have high hopes, we'll see what happens next year. >> reporter: many fans made that one point admitting they are perhaps the saddest right now
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because they are among the most loyal fans in the country, and they say surely that counts for something. live tonight at the linc, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> still temple and villanova basketball. all right, this saturday the eagles, along with nbc 10, are proud to showcase the military in our salute to service special. we'll profile the powerful story of dan rose, a paralyzed vet who's back on his feet through the help of some remarkable technology. plus a hometown hero whose dedication to our country runs generations deep. and the pros take on the g.i. joes in a game of madden from halfway across the globe. our special eagles salute to service airs this saturday night at 7:30. when it comes to american toys, she's a classic, but could the new interactive barbie make your family the target of hackers? >> you can take that information and find someone's house or business. >> we'll tell you what you need to know about this toy to
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protect you and your child's privacy. plus, after philadelphia's 13th deadly fire, firefighters are taking action to keep people safe all across the city. a look at the alarm technology you need to know about. and a scare in the water. we'll take you to the jersey shore where six people were rescued after this pontoon boat capsized.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> and we continue to follow breaking news out of colorado springs. this is a live picture of the scene where police have been searching for a gunman after a shooting near a planned parenthood clinic. we learned some people were hurt in the shooting, not clear how many yet, though. a total of seven are being treated at a local hospital. it's not known if that includes the four police officers who were also injured. the president has been notified, the fbi has now been called in, as well. we're going to continue to bring you live updates as soon as we get more details. to the jersey shore now. we want to show you a capsized pontoon boat in the water near point pleasant beach. crews rescued six people after this boat toppled this afternoon. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. witnesses say there were large swells in the area when the boat capsized.
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we have new information about how much the jerry sandusky crimes are costing penn state university. after settling with six more victims and accusers over the last year, the school has paid out nearly $93 million to 32 people. more claims could be paid in the future. as for sandusky, he's appealing his sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. america's most iconic toy has evolved, but the world's first interactive barbie is raising concerns about privacy now. how these dolls can be easily hacked. >> hi, barbie, my name is sophia. >> oh, that's a wonderful name. i'm so glad we're friends. >> reporter: meet hello barbie, the world's first artificial intelligence enabled barbie doll. >> i remember you said you don't
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have a sister, do you have any brothers? >> yes! >> reporter: remembers conversations, making her seem as though she's alive. >> she can actually talk to you and not fake talk. >> do you like cupcakes? >> my daughter really likes it. >> reporter: her daughter confides in barbie like a diary. >> they have something they talk to every day or when they are upset and need to express themselves. >> reporter: those expressions are stored in the cloud and accessed from a smartphone. but nbc 10 investigators found parents are not the only ones able to get that information. >> i was able to get some data out of it that i probably shouldn't have. >> reporter: security researchers hacked barbie's operating system. what type of data were you able to get to it? >> system information, wifi network names that i was able to connect to, its internal address, account i.d.s for the account it's connected to, mp3 files. >> reporter: what's this mean in terms of a child's security? >> you can take that information and find someone's house or
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business. >> reporter: he says he has enough information to then access a person's home network and everything barbie records. >> just a matter of time until we are able to have her say anything we want. >> reporter: toy talk, the company behind the talking barbie, admits the doll can be hacked, but told nbc 10 news in this case, the information that was discovered does not identify a child, nor does it compromise any audio of a child speaking. yet privacy experts are still concerned. >> there are all sorts of issues about where that information is going, who's listening, what it's being used for, and how it might come back to haunt you. >> reporter: law professor laurie andrews describes the doll as a miniature surveillance device. the company will report a conversation that raises concern about the safety of a child or others. >> the company has said it's going to take on that role of alerting the authorities and in their privacy statement they also say they are going to
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respond to legal subpoenas. >> reporter: concerns that have some parents worried, but mean little to a 9-year-old girl with a new doll. >> i think this one's better because she can actually talk to you and the other ones are weird because they are, like, silent. >> i think i'm going to like it here. >> toy talk tells us parents should feel confident about privacy. the company will be launching a bug bounty program, offering incentives to security researchers able to find security flaws in the product. in chicago, nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a very warm black friday. we had two record high temperatures set for reading and allentown and most of the area close to some of the record high temperatures, but unseasonably warm either way. as we go into tomorrow, clouds moving in, increasing, cloudy start to your weekend with showers moving in for saturday especially and a bigger cool down ahead for sunday and
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monday, but it's not going to be very unseasonably cool for long. temperatures now in the mid 50s through the lehigh valley, 60 pottstown and philadelphia, mid 50s much of south jersey now, 50 degrees in dover, 58 in wilmington. still kind of mild outside and as we go through tonight it's not going to be as cold. take a look what our temperatures are going to do. 10:00 p.m. low 50s and by early tomorrow morning we'll be bottoming out in about the mid to upper 40s across the area, so still kind of a warmer morning compared to where we should be this time of the year. the record highs, that was allentown and reading today, both hitting a high of 65 degrees. mount pocono and atlantic city, one degree away from your record high, philadelphia not close, but still unseasonably warm. clouds are around right now, but the rain is not here yet, but the clouds will keep increasing for tonight. if you have friday night plans, we will be staying dry tonight. the rain off to the west won't get here until tomorrow. future weather, tonight we stay a bit on the mild side comparing to our normal low for this time
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of year in the mid 30s, but then by early tomorrow morning you'll notice overcast skies for most of the area. by the early afternoon hours and closer to 4:00 and 5:00, showers mostly north of philadelphia possibly, then sliding to the south by about 9:00 p.m. and even south jersey and delaware overnight. into sunday morning we could have showers south of philadelphia, but then you see more clearing from north to south jersey. a nice day sunday, but will be cooler and then a colder pattern sets up for monday, but it's not going to last for very long. tonight low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s with clouds increasing. tomorrow high temperatures above where we should be this time of year, still unseasonably warm around 60 degrees, the average high is 52. sunday closer to the average high temperature, drying out through the day. monday upper 40s and tuesday and wednesday rain moving in, temperatures near 60 on wednesday. scooters, skateboards, and bikes, all popular gifts to buy at a steep discount this black friday, but safety experts say
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you might want to think twice before grabbing these items. what you need to know to keep your kids safe this holiday season and beyond. plus, they lost everything in a tragedy that rocked the nation. how the church that was the site of a deadly shooting is moving forward by paying tribute to the victims.
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just because you get a good deal on a toy doesn't mean it's good for everyone on your shopping list. experts have advice for people starting their holiday shopping. fast moving scooters, skateboards, bikes, of course they are popular gifts, but some safety experts blame them in part for a 61% rise in toy-related injuries in the past two decades. so for the most important advice from emergency room doctors is to remember to put helmets on your shopping list. other safety gear like elbow and knee pads is also helpful. another safety warning for you, this time when it comes to electronics. each year nearly 3,000 kids go to the hospital after swallowing those tiny lithium button batteries found in electronics. they are often hidden in musical greeting cards, remote controls, also watch out for battery chargers and adapters, which may pose a burn hazard to children.
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to this now, some good is coming out of a south carolina church targeted in a mass shooting. you'll remember last june when a gunman shot and killed nine parishioners at charleston emanuel ame church. more than $3 million was donated to the church. now it's donating about $1.5 million to an organization for the victims. it will use the rest of a permanent memorial to the victims to build it, scholarships, outreach projects, and building improvements. the breaking news out of colorado springs, police are searching for a gunman who opened fire near a planned parenthood clinic. report from nbc news straight ahead. plus -- >> the nbc 10 investigators are taking a look at fire alarm safety. this as we approach the deadliest time of the year for house fires.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> we have new information now on the breaking news out of colorado springs where a gunman is on the loose. we have learned heavily armed tactical police have responded to a shopping center on the west side of the city. it's happening near a planned parenthood office. at least four police officers have been injured. nbc's chris pollone has the latest. >> reporter: it started before noon mountain time on a snowy day in colorado springs, colorado, about an hour south of denver. police say they received a call reporting gunfire at a planned
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parenthood office. >> 11:38 this morning we received a call for service of shots fired in the area of the planted parenthood 3400 block of centennial boulevard. we had officers respond to the scene. when officers arrived, they did encounter active gunfire. >> reporter: teams of police rushed to the shopping center, police confronted the shooter, at least three officers were injured in the shootout. police say an unknown number of bystanders have also been hurt. officers went door to door placing nearby businesses on lockdown, telling employees and customers to stay put while the situation unfolded. the colorado springs police department said on twitter there are an unknown number of causalities. the situation is changing moment by moment. >> possibility of hostages? >> there is that possibility. there are a lot of possibilities in this scenario. as i said, it is very active and we are working our way through it. >> reporter: police say the gunman appeared to have a long gun, it's not clear if he was acting alone or what his motive
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was. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. back here at home, philly firefighters installed dozens of smoke alarms today in the wake of the city's 13th deadly fire. that fire comes a day after the nbc 10 investigators looked into how different fire alarm technologies protect us at home. mitch blacher joins us live from the nbc 10 kitchen as he continues his reporting. mitch, people shouldn't miss this. this is important information. >> technologies to see which gives you the best chance to escape. friday in north philly, fire crews went door to door. they are handing out and hanging smoke alarms. the reason they are here is across the street from sarah bell's house. it was philadelphia's 13th deadly fire of the year inside a home with no working smoke alarms.
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days before the north philly fire, the nbc 10 investigators, with the help of a delaware county emergency service training center, tested two of the leading types of smoke alarm technologies, ionization and photo electric. >> ionization actually takes smoke in. the photo electric works on a principle of locking light. >> reporter: the more expensive alarms detected smoke without much flame fastest. >> now have flame, flame and combustion. >> reporter: the more common smoke alarms gave us a 50-second head start to escape this hot smokey fire. >> once the fire started to flame, it was off to the races, we lost that room in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: the video captures what the philadelphia fire department is working to prevent. it took ten minutes from the start of this test until the entire room was lost. those on this block only have to lock out their windows to see what a small fire can become. >> we're installing ten-year smoke detectors for you, okay? >> reporter: neighbors like
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sarah bell know what's at stake. >> that's going to save your life. >> reporter: statistically speaking, most house fires happen in december, january, and february. and if you live in philadelphia and need smoke detectors, you can call philly 311. they will get the philly fire department out to your home to install fire equipment and smoke detectors for free. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> mitch, thank you. it may not feel like the holidays, but that didn't stop black friday shoppers in new jersey today. take a look at the crowds in camden county. people navigated to stores dressed in everything from t-shirts, to sweaters, not too many jackets to be found out there. many got in line to meet santa claus, too, to start the holiday season. and over in lancaster at the tanger outlets, shoppers got to enjoy the sunshine, walking outside from store to store. later start for some meant fewer crowds and a chance to feel, well, less rushed while shopping for the holidays. who doesn't like to brag?
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just a little bit when you get a great deal. we spoke with shoppers about the best bargain they got today. >> bath and body works. >> reporter: what did you get? >> i got perfumes and hand sanitizers, things for christmas. >> a tv. it was only like $100 off. it's not for myself, it's for my brother, wasn't worth it for me. >> yes, macy's for michael kors. we got a coat, gloves, and a scarf for all under $200. >> and for some, it's an early tradition. it's a yearly tradition, as well. spend the day after thanksgiving looking for that perfect christmas tree. there were many trees for sale today in south philadelphia. some people came to get their trees in long sleeve shirts, some jackets out there, too. experts say one of the most popular times to buy a tree for the holidays is next weekend. talk about a great start to the weekend. here's a live look right now at eighth and market streets in center city, philadelphia, where
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it's warmer than usual on this friday night with record and near record temperatures in many parts of our area, but we could, we could see the return of some wet weather later this weekend. let's check in with sheena parveen. sheena, what's the timing on all this? >> well, keith, some areas might see as early as tomorrow morning, the rest of us late afternoon and tomorrow evening. we have a big temperature difference across the country, 60 in philadelphia still, 63 in raleigh, 69 in atlanta, but 30s and 20s off to the west. that's all because of a cold front, that's what will be giving us rain into tomorrow mainly, but until we get there, we are on the warm side of this cold front. we hit a record high in allentown and reading. both of those areas hit 65 degrees. now we're dropping down to the mid 50s for allentown, upper 50s for reading, 58 degrees in mount holly, 55 in millville, but an unseasonably warm day today, the average high is, in fact, 52 degrees. we were in the 60s for almost the entire area. now you see the rain back off to
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our west, that's the dividing line between the warm and cold air i showed you, so that rain will be here for part of the area for your saturday. right now we have some clouds around, but we are nice and dry and will stay that way through the rest of this evening. if you are heading out tonight by 7:00 p.m., near 60 degrees, still mild, 9:00 p.m. 60 degrees. 11:00 p.m. mid 50s. coming up, timing of the rain for your weekend and cooler sunday forecast. >> looking forward to that, sheena. police are trying to figure out how two men broke into a philadelphia food market by going through the ceiling. the two entered and exited the store through the ceiling. anyone who might know the guys in this video or even how they got in is asked to call police. it has now been ten years since a south jersey teenager disappeared. robert was 17 years old when he went missing from gloucester city in 2005. he never returned after heading
5:37 pm
out and his case is still unsolved. the national center for missing and exploited children wants anyone with information to call 1-800-the-lost. a somber ceremony in france today in memory of the victims of the paris terrorist attacks, french president francois hollande presided over the ceremony. soldiers, members of the government, and families of the victims gathered inside a courtyard at a french national monumen monument. the ceremony began with france's national anthem, then a minute of silence. finally the names of the 130 victims were read allowed. else where another win for an american filmmaker trying to avoid being sent back to the united states. poland will not extradite roman poljanski. almost 40 years ago the director pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. he left the country fearing a long prison sentence. now poljanski will be able to
5:38 pm
live and work in poland. back here in the united states, teaching self-defense and so much more. still ahead, we'll tell you about local children learning how to take on life's obstacles through karate. and talk about an unexpected guest. look at this. we'll tell you about the furry intruder who caused quite a scare at the office.
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shoppers who didn't brave the malls on thanksgiving were still busy buying gifts online. adobe digital index, which tracks 4500 retail sites, says more than $1 billion has been spent as of 5:00 p.m. that's up 22% from last year. target and walmart both launched all their black friday deals online a day early. and how about this, your phone is helping stores figure out what you like. more chains are signing on to google's ad technology, which
5:41 pm
uses a combination of google web searches and google maps, allowing retailers figuring out which search terms, ads, or videos are luring you off the couch and into their stores. we really want to show you this. wasn't your typical morning for workers in japan at a lumber company because a bear showed up in the office. you can see it on cell phone video here, the bear climbs on to the shelves of the office looking for food. probably a way out, after taking these videos the workers called for help and a local wildlife association came in to tranquilize the animal and take it away. luckily, no one was hurt. some call it the super bowl of shopping. we'll give you a look at the black friday madness that's playing out all across the country like this scene at one big box store. plus a look at all the details. sheena? and i'm tracking rain as we go into your weekend and a cooldown in the forecast. a look at the timing of the rain coming up.
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this is nbc 10 breaking news. >> an update on the breaking news out of colorado springs. this is a live picture where police have been searching for a gunman after a shooting near a planned parenthood clinic. learning that some people were hurt in the shooting and includes several civilians, four police officers, as well. the president has been notified about this active shooting, the fbi is also being called in. we'll continue to monitor this story for details and update you as soon as we get more information from this live picture there, that snowy scene. turning now to black friday, millions of americans took to the stores this morning looking for those black friday deals. nbc's jay gray spent the day at the mall of america and tells us
5:45 pm
how much shoppers are spending this holiday weekend. >> reporter: hey, there, good evening. the shopping started overnight here at the mall of america, and it is still going strong right now. as you can see, crowds moving through this gigantic mall. the black friday reviews mixed across the country. a lot of retailers thinking that maybe some inclement weather kept people out of the stores today. it's not keeping them away from their note pads and laptops. we know online shopping is up 15% over last year, according to analysts and shoppers have already spent close to a billion dollars this holiday season online. that's something that analysts expect will continue. retailers fighting that by offering in-store deals they say will continue even after black friday is over. still a lot of time left to shop and a lot of people who are doing that. that's the latest on black friday from here at the mall of america. i'm jay gray, nbc news. elsewhere the pope arrived
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in uganda this afternoon, third day of his landmark africa tour, calling the continent a continent of hope. pope francis also touched on the need to respect one another, regardless of differences. the pope was traveling from kenya, where earlier today he spoke to thousands of young people at a sports stadium in nairobi. he urged them to resist the temptation of corruption, saying it isn't just in politics. vice president joe biden is spending the thanksgiving weekend in italy. today he met with italy's prime minister in rome. he's also meeting with archbishop paul gallagher, effectively the foreign minister for the vatican. arriving wednesday night with his wife jill, they'll return to washington on sunday. we want to show you these pictures now back in the u.s., torrential downpours in texas caused major flooding, at least two people died as a result of the rising water. firefighters in garland county made three high water rescues,
5:47 pm
one right after another. a man called 911 as his car filled with water, it was submerged before crews could get him out. in tarrant county, a deputy waded out into flash flood water and was swept away. she was trying to rescue a woman whose car was picked up by rushing water. the deputy was found clinging to a tree hours later. the woman she was trying to save is still missing. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> unseasonably warm day to end out the week, and we'll stay unseasonably warm tomorrow, just not as warm as today. near record high temperatures today and allentown and reading hit a record high of 65 degrees, average high is 52. we go into the weekend, we'll have overcast skies for your saturday, also some rain moving in. i'll show you the timing on that in just a second. we'll have cooler temperatures, too, not going to last all of next week, but at least weal get a bit of a cooldown coming, 54
5:48 pm
in allentown, 59 in reading, 60 in philadelphia, mid 50s for south jersey and delaware upper 50s, wilmington, but 50 degrees now for dover. when you look at our temperatures overall, today we got to 66 degrees in philadelphia, cooler for your saturday, 60, but we finally start dropping to near normal as we go into sunday. 53 for the high temperature with cooler air moving in and for monday highs should be in about the upper 40s through the area, so it will be getting cooler, just not all week. right now the clouds are moving in, but no rain just yet. overnight tonight the clouds will keep increasing but they are not bringing rain until early tomorrow morning and not for everybody when you wake up. most of the area dry in the morning, the rain back off to the west is going to start from north to south as we go through the day, so there is rain in your saturday forecast. future weather, the warm air is here right now, we're on the warm side of a cold front, so the wind direction is bringing us unseasonably warm temperatures. tonight we're not going to get that cold, temperatures mainly
5:49 pm
in the 40s with cloud cover by tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m., so you see the rain starting from the north and sliding to the south through the afternoon. that rain continues into new jersey and delaware tomorrow evening as that cold front moves through and then for sunday our wind direction starts to change. cooler sunday, clearing from north to south and the cooler air sticks around through monday. for tonight, clouds increasing, low temperatures about the mid to upper 40s across the area, so not as cold tonight. tomorrow cloudy days, scattered showers, highs around 60 degrees. still above normal, but dropping closer to normal by sunday. 53 for the high temperature for your sunday, the rain moves farther south, we see more sunshine sunday. cooler as we go into monday, 49 for the high, but we jump back near 60 by end possibly with some wednesday possible tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. time for a look on nbc nightly news at 6:30. lester holt joins us with a preview. good to see you, lester. >> hi, good to see you, keith.
5:50 pm
we're tracking some breaking news right now. a siege at a planned parenthood clinic at colorado, a shooting there left a number of police officers and civilians who have been hit. the shooting has been ongoing as police try to corner the suspect. we'll be going live to the scene to bring you the latest on that. also what disrupted black friday sales along chicago's famed magnificent mile today. and speaking of black friday, if it seemed less frenzied this year than past years, there may be a good reason for that. more about that coming up. back to you. >> looking forward to it, lester, thank you so much. see you in about 40 minutes. back the home, call them the karate kids. the unique way one local martial arts class is teaching children how to fight back against life's challenges.
5:51 pm
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5:53 pm
this is nbc 10 news. >> helping kids learn by teaching them self-defense. many children take martial arts classes for skill and discipline, but in allentown there's a different kind of class. one in which the challenge is met with a special kind of determination. nbc 10 takes us there. >> hey, guys, how are you? you ready? >> reporter: inside a classroom in allentown beside the games
5:54 pm
and the projects, there is a fight. >> step and punch. >> reporter: a fight with little fists and little legs. >> what you're going to do is snap out of punch with your right hand. >> reporter: but it's not a person they are trying to knockout. no, the kids are in the middle of another fight. in some cases it's cancer, for others it's a learning disability. >> this is just another way to reach them. >> reporter: jen sinclair at the cancer support community and christine cleaver came together thinking there had to be a better way. to teach and learn. >> whether they are ill or have some sort of disability, they are always told it's not as easy for them to do and showing that confidence really helps them. >> blocking and striking methods, self-defense moves. >> reporter: david decided it was time to give back and after 30 years of martial arts training, he never took on a
5:55 pm
challenge quite like this. >> i see the mind, body, coordination development, so even children that have special needs and coordination issues, it helps re-establish that link and i see improvement over when they first started the program. >> reporter: for 8-year-old mimi, just weeks ago the idea of talking to me with a camera would have seemed impossible, but now -- >> really fun. >> very rewarding to see that sense of pride develop in them and to see them go from, you know, somewhat shy to impressing and surprising themselves. >> awesome job, guys. >> reporter: in the face of a constant battle. in allentown, nbc 10 news. >> and the karate kids project is only being offered in the allentown area right now. if you want to know more about the free program, go to ♪
5:56 pm
the white house christmas tree is in washington tonight, and the tree has some local roots. a horse drawn carriage brought the tree to the white house today. first lady michelle obama was there to welcome it. the tree was grown at bustard's christmas tree. they were there today, as well, when the tree arrived. it is full steam ahead. the market kicked off its holiday show season today with the return of its annual miniature railroad displays. the display features 17 working train lines rumbling through miniature scenery. it will be here through new year's eve. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, we are following breaking developments out of colorado. >> several people and police officers injured in a shooting at a planned parenthood clinic.
5:57 pm
loved ones are speaking out tonight about the south jersey man who lost control and lost his life in a fiery crash at an expressway toll plaza. next. and i'm tracking rain for part of your weekend. coming up, the timing and cooler temperatures. that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now.
5:59 pm
>> never pay full price for anything ever. >> we come out at, like, 12:00 a.m. and have a lot of fun. >> grab your bags and get shopping. the retail rush is on. the big advantage local small business owners say they'll be cashing in on this coming weekend. embarrassed about it. >> jahlil okafor speaks out about getting caught in this boston street fight. what he says triggered the outburst. and a fiery crash into a busy toll plaza on the atlantic city expressway. charred remains are all that's left at this who risk scene. but first we begin with breaking news out of colorado springs, where police are still responding to an active shooter situation near a planned parenthood. at least four officers are injured and a total of at least seven people were taken to area hospitals. the national guard and fbi are on the scene right now to
6:00 pm
assist. nbc nightly news with lester holt will have the very latest on this breaking news story coming up at 6:30. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. another big story tonight, this fiery crash at a busy toll plaza. take a look at this brand new video right here, the flames and smoke billowing from the booth and minutes later sky force 10 was over the damage. the car not even recognizable. the driver trapped inside was killed and tonight the question remains, what caused that driver to lose control? this crash happened this morning at the egg harbor toll plaza in hamilton township. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live along the atlantic city expressway. >> i know you spoke with the driver's father. what's he telling you about this crash? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, honestly, he doesn't know what exactly went wrong. of course, he is shocked and saddened and does know that state police here took a series of phone calls from other drivers on the expressway today, that a driver in a silver sedan, perhaps his son,


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